The Seven Pillars, sometimes called simply "The Cliffs", lie about four miles southeast of Peru along the Mississinewa River.  This breathtaking formation was created over the centuries as wind and water eroded the limestone, carving rounded buttresses and alcoves into the north bluff of the river.

The famed Frances Slocum Trail, which runs along the north side of the Mississinewa River, passes along the top of the formation.  Although looking out across the river from as much as fifty feet up is spectacular, the way to see the full splendor of the pillars is from the south bank of the river.

This magnificent formation is relatively little known, it is one of Indiana's best kept secrets.

In years past the Miami Indians often held council meetings and other activities within these isolated rooms.  At one time there was even a trading post located at the site.

In 2005, the staff of the Peru Tribune held a contest to determine the '7 Wonders of Miami County'.  Not surprisingly the Seven pillars formation was voted number one.

To see the Seven Pillars for yourself, follow Indiana 124 east from Peru to the Frances Slocum Trail road, turn south and travel about two miles.  To visit the south bank, follow Indiana 124 from Peru to 300 East, turn south and proceed to Mississinewa Road.  Turn east and follow this along the river for about one and a half miles.