2019 miami Days at the pillars

7 pillars.jpg

August 24 & 25

Gates open at 10:00 am

2017 Miami Days At The Pillars


10:00am—Gates Open
Daily events:

  *  Miami Children’s Games
  *  Making Frybread @ Food Booth
  *  Miami Drum Performs @ Arbor
  *  Walk in Nature. Meet @Demo Tent
  *  Miami Children’s Games
  *  Dreamcatcher Demonstration @Demo Tent
  *  Miami Drum Performances @ Arbor with public participation
  *  Beadwork Demonstration @Demonstration Tent

Miami Heritage Days At The Pillars was an idea by our own Councilman Vince Knauff. This event had the first year anniversary in 2014. The Mission for this event is for the Miami to host a learning and educational weekend at the 7 Pillars for the public and all Miami. This past year the tribe had set up Wikiamis,the Longhouse and had tribal booths from participating Miami. The Drum Group was there to provide singing and dancing and allow the public to get involved and fellowship with the Miami People. I see this event to become an annual event, and depending on participation, we may extend it to semi-annual. This years date will be confirmed at the next Council Meeting in January and will most likely be the last weekend of August. Please view the photo gallery below from the 2014 event. My deepest Thanks go out to all of those Miami whom participated and I ask all Miami to step up and make the contributions to teach and come together to make this event a life long legacy! Remember that the power in numbers can exponentially cause an explosion for success!


2014 Miami Heritage Days at the Pillars