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The Miami are a proud people, of diverse backgrounds, communities, and socio-economic status, and this kind of fundraising isn’t commonplace for our citizens.  But, in this day and age, we are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of our people without asking for some outside help in order to keep pace with inflation.  In today’s dire economy we have found that we need more funds on hand to meet the challenges facing some of our members, and the community we serve.  Our sole focus is to support our tribe and its various programs designed to assist local families in their day-to-day lives, and by promoting cultural education and outreach in our schools and regional area. 

Our food pantry is one of the many ways the Miami Nation helps its own, as well as the local community.  We serve numerous families throughout the Peru, Wabash, Kokomo, Logansport areas.  We also fund a daycare and after school program out of our community center, open to any family in the area which is in desperate need of supplies.  Our Schoolhouse and grounds is open to the public for tours, and several council members personally perform outreach programs in schools and other public events to help educate people on the customs and traditions of the Miami, promoting cultural awareness.  We try to bring the Miami people to life by showing them what it means to be Miami now, in today’s society, making it more tangible to those I am speaking to.  I show them who we are, where we have come from, what we stand for, enlighten them on significant events in our local history through stories and artifacts in a multi-faceted approach to educating them, increasing their awareness of the region’s past, allowing them to gain a better awareness by broadening their knowledge base, and creating a deeper appreciation along the way.  Oral tradition has played an important role in our history, and we feel it’s important to make sure that that heritage, language, and cultural knowledge are passed on to future generations so that the identity of the Miami people can live on.  We lose many elders each year, taking their oral traditions and stories with them.  We want to stem the tide by expanding the scope and reach of our programs, and make sure the history of those who walked these lands before us isn’t lost to the ages, while instilling passion in our future generations of honoring their past.  We can’t do that without the support of donations from people like you, in order to buy teaching aids and tools used for that community outreach.

These tribal operations and programs are based out of our Tribal Complex, which is in desperate need of renovations to keep it a viable space for our base of operations.  Our goal is preservation and revitalization of the complex as it stands.  So, we are in need of finances to sustain our building maintenance fund, to cover general operating expenses, a new roof, stove and refrigerator, as well as historical preservation.  We have identified these items as critical needs.  Unfortunately, the survival of many of our cultural, and locally beneficial, programs is also threatened by lack of funding.  You can make a difference and keep these programs alive by donating today.  We would like to keep the programs we have going, as well as add more, in order to meet the growing need in these hard times.  We have already gotten some of our buildings on the Historical Registry, in an effort to help preserve our history, but, their upkeep will require additional funding. On top of that, some of our future plans include opening a museum and living village on the property that could be used to generate more income for the tribe in a sustainable multi-year plan.  But, once again, outside support is critical to these ambitious endeavors.         

Your gift today will help make these plans come to fruition.  Please give generously.  Any gift, no matter how small will have an impact.  We are a registered 501 C (3) charity, and any contribution you make will be tax deductible. 

It is my wish that appealing to you to donate will not only help benefit the lives of the Miami people, but, the communities they live and work in, continuing our legacy.  We are already reaching out to our children and communities through our programs, but, we can do so much more with your help.  With your donation, the number of families you will allow us to help will grow exponentially.  Please help us continue our mission through implementation of our cultural education programs, and charitable efforts.  We can only meet our goals with the help of community members like you.  Become a partner in our mission by donating today! 

I sincerely thank you, in advance, for taking time to read this letter, and for your consideration and contribution.  No gift is too small when it comes from the heart.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like further information or clarification on any of our programs, please feel free to call our office or send an email so we may answer your questions.



Chief Brian J Buchanan

I wish you well, and bless your walk.

Your donation allows us to function as a tribe and pursue projects that spread the word about our culture. We seek out projects that help us carry our past into the future.

Miikii (give)

Levels of Donations

$1 - $500

waapinsita sakia (Blue Heron)

$501 - $1000

         waapisikihkwia (Bald Eagle)

$1001 +

           cecaahkwa (Sandhill Crane)