The Miami Nation of Indiana conduct Longhouse Ceremonies 4 times a year. Those times of the year are the first weekends of FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST, and NOVEMBER. When considering the first weekend, always note that Longhouse ceremony starts on a "FRIDAY" so the first Friday of that month listed would be considered the first weekend. As an analogy, Longhouse could be compared to a church or faith-based fellowship in the name of the Creator. It is the Miami way to convene, worship and fellowship. All Gods Children are invited to come, but if you are not Miami , the most respectful way to approach the need to come is to contact a Miami so we know you are coming and we can properly escort you through the ceremony. We have certain sacred  practices and ask that you respect our ways during our ceremony. Any disrespect will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the premises. These times are sacred and each Longhouse has a specific meaning. All Longhouse Ceremonies will be posted in the events section of this website. We ask that you check the events, because sometimes due to weather or circumstances beyond our control, a Ceremony may be cancelled. We welcome you and hope that you find peace and serenity during these times. The Ceremonies take place on the Miami Nation of Indiana 7 Pillars property.