Words from the Chief:

As I read and obtain information in my daily schedule, I will post new items on this page that may be helpful or informative to our tribal Members. This page will be started as a trial to see what feedback we get and is it helpful. Note: Many items come to me through Facebook using the Miami Nation Smoke Signal and/or my own Facebook page. Thank you to all of our people for spreading the word. Tanakia, Chief Brian Buchanan

December 31 - Due to cold temperatures and possible bad weather, February Longhouse has been cancelled. We have replaced it with Winter Storytelling on February 4th at noon. We will have a carry-in lunch with the Women's Council providing the main dish. Following the lunch will be Storytelling. Hope to see everyone there. Thank you Rex Engle for the idea and organization. I also want to Thank the Women's Council for supporting this event!


August 21, 2016 - There have been "many" updates to the upcoming Tribal Schedule. I ask that you take some time to view the Events Tab for these dates. These events go up to mid-November. I always encourage people to continue to view this tab as events are added quite often. Many times we go to an event and all we have is a 1 or 2 week prior notification. Many volunteers have pushed our time limits and sacrificed our family time to the maximum to be available and promote the tribe. The Indiana Bicentennial celebration has included us in several events. We had Legacy projects for our Gathering and for the Days at the Pillars.

August 20, 2016 - I would like to announce that the Miami of INDIANA, "Made Here, Stayed Here, Live Here" will be opening up the New Cranes Nest Gift Shop and the work to have the Miami Nation of Indiana Museum will soon be having our Grand Opening. Council is excited. We have received grant to fix about 25% of the roof over the Tribal Offices/Museum and a grant to start the work to get the Museum up and running. This preparation will be a major undertaking for the tribe and we could use all the help we can get! STAY TUNED for the OPENING DATE!

We have excelled on many different levels in this past year from overcoming major obstacles and pursuing projects to promote, protect, and teach the Miami Ways. Thanks to all or your support!

June 4,5, 2016 - The Miami Nation of INDIANA hosted our Annual Gathering with again another successful event. This was a milestone, considering Saturday rained out and the Committee was till in the black. Great Work!

June 18, 2016 - The Miami Nation of INDIANA provided another stunning performance at te Mounds State Park for a Summer Solstice Celebration. Thanks to all Miami in attendance to make this appreciated and highly recognized by the Indiana State Parks/DNR.

July 9, 2016 - The Miami Nation of INDIANA participated again in the Fort Wayne Three Rivers Parade and did so with a STRONG and VISUAL appearance to display our existence and valued culture. Thank You all Miami whom volunteered for this event. Yet another 110% effort and the City of Fort Wayne is Thankful for our contribution!

July 23, 2016 - The Miami Nation of INDIANA participated again in the Peru Circus Parade. Thank you to those volunteers to help get this ready and make it happen without error. An awesome display of teamwork.

August5,6 - The young men of the Miami Men's Council held another spiritually moving Longhouse Ceremony. Special thanks to You guys for keeping this alive and growing. You ROCK !

August 13, 2016 - The Miami Nation of INDIANA participated in the Denver Parade and won 1st Place in the float division. Thanks to all Miami whom came together for another successful event!

August 20, 2016 - Miami Nation of INDIANA COUNCIL meeting.

August 21,,2016 - MIAMI FAMILY REUNION





March 30, 2016 -  Childcare will be provided during the General Meeting on April 17. Details are provided on Miami Nation Smoke Signal. These accommodations are being provided by Jr. Council as a contribution to the tribal member to minimize the noise levels during the General Meeting. My personal Thanks to Jr. Council for undertaking this task. 

Another event has been added the same day as General Meeting, After the General Meeting, Spring Cleanup has been scheduled at the Seven Pillars property. Please see Miami Nation Smoke Signal for more details. This is a good time to join many members as we clean up the property and get ready for the summer.

March 21, 2016 -  Please see the information below for some exciting news coming from the Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission:


The INAIAC Summer School scholarship deadline is April 15th. 

The INAIAC will award five scholarships of $1,000 each for the upcoming summer school session.  Students who wish to apply must meet the following criteria to be considered:

A resident of Indiana
Attending an Indiana college or university
Enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, the Miami Nation of Indians of Indiana, Alaska Native or Native Hawai'ian

For an application, call (317) 917-8000 or email info@AmericanIndianCenter.org

January 26, 2016 - Many changes have occured since the last entry. I must first apologize for the lag in updates. Due to circumstances and difficult family issues, I have not been available to keep up with the website.

To solve any problems in the future, I am pleased to announce that the website will be maintained by the Miami Nation of Indiana Office. On occasion, I will add in entries, but the bulk of changes will be handled by the office. Thank You to all of you that have offered your prayers to me and my family during some most difficult times.


Visit Tribal Enrollment Committee for download of new enrollment forms

Before the new developments are mentioned, I MUST Thank all of the Young Men whom constructed the new Longhouse. Your dedication has been praised by many and I personally Thank you for all of your time to make Ghost Supper last November a special time for many. Special Thanks to Pipe Carrier , Shawn Dunnagan for officiating the November Longhouse in my absence.

Once again, the Wright Patterson AFB and the Thunder With The Hands invited the tribe to participate in the second annual celebration last November. Once again, the Indiana Miami, supported this event in the Most Proficient Manner. I am honored that you have represented your tribe in far away places. The tribe was gifted another Recognition Award by the Wright Patterson AFB. A question to ask yourselves, Why wont the Federal Government Recognize us, but the United States Air Force DOES! And to note in past experiences, so does the United States Navy. Special Thanks goes to Councilman Shane Fox for organizing this past years event.

Take a moment and visit the Latest News Events for the lastest Bill to be introduced by Senator Joe Donnelly. This is "VERY" important for all Miami to read and support. It is essential that you stay tuned to this news event as the outcomes could prove to be Historical!

There are many new events that have been listed. The Bi-centennial celebrations will prove to be historical. The Pow Wow and the Miami Days at the Pillars have both been selected as Legacy Projects for the Bi-centennial.

I am saddened to say the Little Turtle Daycare has been closed. Due to the economic challenges, the Daycare could not stay open and survive any longer. My thanks goes out to all of the teachers, cooks, and janitors for your hard work in the years past. The Daycare had an upstanding grade for excellence and I can say we had "very" reputable care for the area children. Thank You for all your hard work and I wish you all success in the future.

We need to occupy the space where the Daycare was located, so it was decided that a new project is currently being pursued. I am pleased to announce the upcoming opening for the Miami Nation of Indiana Museum. This idea has no overhead and provides for ways for all Miami to feature their own historical artifacts. The opening day has yet to be decided, and I will speculate the Grand Opening to be in the spring. Stay tuned for ongoing information.

Visit the events calendar for events such as Lincoln Day at the Allen County Library on February 13, Bi centennial Wabash County Fame festival on April 16, Pow Wow on June 4, 5. The drum will be traveling to Serpent Mounds in Ohio the week after Pow Wow, June 11, 12. There are still 2 open slots for a Language Workshop Class on February 5, 6 at the Miami Nation of Indiana Complex There will be a dream catcher class held on March 19 at the Miami Nation of Indiana Complex.

In upcoming weeks the front page will feature this years Legacy Projects for 2016, "The Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana All Nations Gathering Pow Wow" and "The Miami Days at the Pillars"

August 16, 2015 - We are having a busy month. Today is the MIAMI FAMILY REUNION. Come and enjoy the good food and stories.

Please visit the homepage and don't miss out on the MIAMI DAYS AT THE PILLARS next weekend.

The Executive Committee met with Senator Donnelly's Office a few weeks ago and we are waiting to hear back if he will help us in this latest development of denial by the Federal Government. As soon as I hear something, I will relay the information.

The Native American Affairs Commission meets this Wednesday at the Eiteljorg Museum. Please come and support our Representative, Erin Oliver.

Always try to check the "Events" tab to see what is coming up.

I am asking for volunteers for the November Longhouse. Whether it be a Committee or Men's Council, its up to the membership. I will be there to support whomever decides to volunteer, but please note, Longhouse will not continue unless someone steps up to help.

August 2, 2015 - Immediately following this years Pow Wow, a few drummers met at Shades State Park to do a small presentation about the Drum and some of our history. This event turned out to be "Not so small". We have been asked back again to do another presentation for a larger event on September 12 at Shades. All Miami are welcome to come and participate. Please visit the Events tab for location specifics and a flyer for this event.

August is a very busy month: First, we have Longhouse on August 8th at Sundown. Second, we have Council on August 15th and following the Council meeting the food bank will be open for all. The Miami Indian Family Reunion on the following Sunday, August 16th. Third, we have Miami Days at the Pillars on August 22 and 23. This event is growing fast and I encourage all Miami to come and visit and just have a good ole time. Please visit all attached highlighted links to all events for August.

I wanted to take a moment and thank the many people whom have made contributions to the tribe through the Website. Your donations "DO" make a difference and your donations do not go unnoticed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

ALL Tribal Membership, please continue to spread the word concerning our "Go FundMe" account for the upgrade and maintenance for our buildings. This account is raising money but we need to continue to promote as we are still not meeting our goal. Promotions to other major corporations are entertained to get the word out. Remember that every amount collected is appreciated and honored! That individual giving 5 dollars verses that corporation giving 5000 dollars mean the same to me and Council. This is a community joint effort to save our livelihood.

Stay tuned for Septembers events as , it too stays as active as August! May the Creator Bless this Great Miami Nation.

Past events:

We have had many events and news happening in the past month. The Three Rivers parade was a "Complete" success! My thanks to all of the Fort Wayne Residents and those whom traveled long distances to attend this parade. The Pimyotahmah Clan did a wonderful job decorating the float and getting it ready. Special Thanks to Councilwoman Chasity Hobbs for organizing this years parade. Please visit the Homepage for several photos for this event. So many Miami's volunteered, I cant begin to list everybody without the risk for forgetting someone. Thank You to everyone!

Following the Three Rivers Parade, The tribe had another Parade in Peru, Indiana that we participated in this year. This was another success story and Special Thanks goes to Sarah Siders, John Bitzel, Shane Fox, and Sissy Mongosa for getting this float ready to be displayed. Thanks to Vice Chief John and Treasurer Big AL for driving. The teardown after the parade was magnificent to watch and it did my heart great to see everybody just working together and I believe it was done in a record time. Please visit the Homepage for several photos for this event as well.

There has been much participation this year in preparing the Longhouse 7 Pillars grounds for the next Longhouse. From the photos that I have received, it appears that "AGAIN" the tribe has demonstrated yet another unified effort to make preparations in a very difficult task. There were many that have given their time to make this happen and at the risk of forgetting someone, I will say Thank You to ALL! Please visit the Homepage for several photos. 

The Tribe attended a fundraising event this year for the "Indy Hula" Group. These individuals have been our guests at our Pow Wow for several years now and we had the opportunity to go and support them as well. This was an evening of fun filled Happiness and Love. It was wonderful to see our Polynesian Friends teach and share their culture. Please visit the Our Partnership - Indy Hula tab to learn more about their School and upcoming events.

I have some very disappointing news concerning Federal Recognition and the new posted Regulations within the past month. I have been on countless phone calls concerning this latest development. I encourage everyone to contact your Council Representative after the August Council meeting for an in depth summary of what just happened to us. With learning this news, I have been elevated to the highest degree of disappointment with our United States Governmental body. We will be meeting with Senator Donnelly's Northern Indiana Director this upcoming week to discuss the possibility of gaining support to defeat the unjust, ridiculous mistreatment of our people. I come home and hear about all of the Minority problems in this country on the news and I just get infuriated knowing how bad the MIAMI have been treated for a couple HUNDRED YEARS and society just ignores United States Best Kept Secret > The Truth about the Attempt to ignore past wrongdoings towards our Great Miami Nation! It is time to step it up and I encourage everyone to voice your support for our people. Senator Donnelly has given us the opportunity to explain our plight. It is imperative that we stand together and be professional, yet firm and truthful. This way has proven our dignified ways to many Organizations and Indiana Cities that do support us and we need to maintain that status. Because, That "IS" who we are. As information is available, I will convey this to all the Tribal Membership.


July 7, 2015 - We have 4 days until the Three Rivers Parade in Fort Wayne. Hope to see many people there!

On July 18 we will be in the Peru Parade and hope to see many people there too!

Special Thanks to those people whom have made contributions through the website.

We have been working on many projects and as soon as I can get a confirmation on plans, I will be updating everyone on progress in the upcoming days ahead.

July Council Meeting is cancelled due to the Parade and the Circus Festival event.

June 16, 2015 - This years Gathering/Pow Wow was the best we have ever had, considering all aspects; Attendance, Participation, Weather, and all around Good Times. Thanks to Everyone whom helped out with this years event. I was going to try to list everyone, but I would goof up and hurt someones feelings and I cannot do that. Everyone's contribution is highly appreciated and you all mean to much to me to take the chance to disrespect anyone. SO A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! Please visit the Pow Wow page and re-live some wonderful memories and I encourage you to re-visit this page as I will be adding more memories as they become available.

Coming up this Saturday, June 20th, at approximately 7:30pm, we will be having our first Summer Solstice Celebration at the Seven Pillars Property. Everyone is welcome, so bring your friends, Lawn chairs, blankets, OFF BUG SPRAY,  and pray for no rain! If it rains, we will be cancelling the event. See the Events tab for Google directions if you have never been to the Seven Pillars Property.

Also coming up is the Shades State Park Drumming event on June 27, Three Rivers Parade in Fort Wayne on July 11, and the Circus Parade in Peru on July 18.

I wanted to let everyone know that the Eiteljorg has graciously ask me to give the opening blessing at the Preview Opening Party for this years Indian Market in Indianapolis on June 26. They continue to include us in everything they promote. Its an honor to be Partners with them!

June 1, 2015 - Thank you to those people who have made donations in the past month. You generosity is greatly appreciated.

Please take time to visit the POW WOW/GATHERING PAGE for an updated storyline on the recent activity and experience at the Miami Nation of Indiana Parke County Property. Thank you Ron, Vicki, Ron Jr, Walter, Daniel, Steve, Trevor, and Bill for your contributions. The Tear down of the Arbor and reconstruction of the Arbor, the widening of the entrance and the maintenance of the property with the time consuming grass mowing has been a chore and without your help, there would have been trails ahead in the preparation for this years Gathering. Thank You!

We hope to see you all at the Pow Wow on June 6 and 7. Safe Travels!

May 23, 2015 - On May 15, we had the privilege to teach some culture and drum/dance to the Wabash Schools. We had approximately 600 kids. Our Miami Maiden danced for several hours and taught these children how to dance , Miami Style. The day was a complete success. Special Thanks to Savannah Mongosa, Shane Fox, and John and Allen Dunnagan.

We had a successful Council meeting on May 16 and we will continue to to carry on tribal operations as normal.

Stay tuned for a "GoFundMe" website to ask for funds for the Tribal Complex incuding repairs and maintenance.

We hope to see everybody at the Miami Nation of Indiana Pow Wow this year. We will be having alot of fun!

The Tribe wishes all to have a safe and fun Memorial Holiday. Thank You to all the veterans whom have served our great nation. God Bless!

May 3, 2015 - Longhouse was very special last night as we were able to bring out Twigh Twee, our Nation Drum. I was honored to sit at the Drum and fellowship with all of my brothers! Many friends and family traveled from far away places to join us in Worship. It was wonderful turnout and gives our hearts healing to see many Miami returning to their sacred worship practices. We had several small children and babies whom experienced their First Longhouse and we pray they will continue to carry on the Legacy. We pray those whom traveled lengthy distances returned home safe! Many Thanks goes out to those whom helped erect Longhouse and those whom participated in the cleanup the week prior. Longhouse will continue as long as the people take time to help in the preparation. Thank You all for a wonderful evening of fellowship!

As Midday approaches, please try to visit the Miami Nation of Indiana Complex for the Speed Oiling event. Should be a lot of fun and I'm sure plenty of knowledge to be gained. Hope to see you there from 2-4pm this afternoon.

Coming up on Wednesday of this week, Chief Buchanan will attend a dinner to discuss with the Young Methodist Pastors of the USA the Miami Ways and our spiritual commonality. We will , Also celebrate the anniversary of Pastor Ron and Marilyn Haun, 2 very special people and friends of the Miami Nation of Indiana. 

April 30, 2015 - I have added the snipit for the New DVD that will go on sale at the Miami Nation of Indiana Pow Wow. This is a DVD of the Drumming/Dancing Event at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. All proceeds will be split between both the Miami nation of Indiana and the Thunder With The Hands.

I added the Pow Wow/ Gathering Committee Members to the Pow Wow page. I need more Bios. Please get them to me.

I added, In Memory, a drumming photo of our late brother, Tanner Hayslett to our "Meet the Drummers" page.

April 26, 2015 -  I would like to Thank all of those individuals that came out today to the Pillars and helped clean up the pillars property. Mike Marks, Rex and Wyatt Engle, Nick, Chasity, Emyle, and baby Spencer was there giving direction. Also Thanks to Sissy Mongosa and her fiancee Richard Wright and his daughter Danielle. Also Thanks to Clarissa Watts and her husband Victor and their friend Naomi Whybrew. Thanks for helping prepare the grounds for Longhouse Ceremony next weekend! I appreciate your dedication!

Yesterday was a wonderful event at the St. Andrews Church. Ladies from10 area Methodist Churches celebrated Mardi Gra and the proceeds were donated to the Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana. Thank You Ladies for your generosity! Visit OUR PARTNERS, ST. ANDREWS PAGE for Photos on this memorable event.

On this website, our partners tab has been broken down for each Organization to enhance easier website navigation.

I have added all of the information for the Pow Wow/Gathering on the Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana, including the Master of Ceremonies, Arena Director, Head Vet, Head Male and Female Dancers, Jr. Male and Female Dancers. This year should be alot of fun!

April 23, 2015 - There will be an event at Paradise Springs in Wabash for the school children. We will see approximately 600 kids through the day. Event is from 9-1 but could go to 2. All drummers: please arrive at 8:30am to set up.

I have added the New Enrollment Verification Form and the Scholarship and Financial Aid forms to the site. Forms are located under "Meet the Education/Scholarship Committee" and "Tribal Enrollment Committee". Note: The verification forms must be filled out and notarized and all members must complete one.

There will be a post soon and snip-it on the home page for DVD's that will go on sale opening day of the Miami Nation Of Indians of the State of Indiana Pow Wow/Gathering. DVD's will be $10.00 each. These DVD's are with our FRIENDS, The Thunder With The Hands Drum Group. Special Thanks to Matt Lawson for the preparation. All proceeds will be split the Miami's and the Thunder With The Hands Drummers.

April 19th - Please visit the events section for an upcoming event , MAY 3, 2015 at the Miami Nation of Indiana Tribal Complex called SPEED OILING. Proceeds will go to the tribe. Event will be from 2-4pm.

I have added the Three Rivers Parade, Peru Circus Day Parade to the events calendar. We will be participating again this year at the Mounds State Park Summer Solstice Celebration but we do not have specifics. This event will be in the last week (approximately) in June.

April 17, 2015 - Springtime is here! There are some announcements which will be posted on the calendar but I wanted to mention them here. Coming up this weekend are the Miami Nation of Indiana Council meeting on Saturday and General Meeting on Sunday.

 April 18, 2015 - Check out the Gathering Page for information on this years Council elected dancers.

April 18, 2015 - Right after Council, Vice Chief John Dunnagan will be having a history discussion at the Jay County Center for Learning (Portland, Indiana). Subject is titled The Removal - Loss of Heartland and its Consequences. That starts at 1:45pm. See calendar for locations

April 19 , 2015 - General Meeting starts at 1pm at the Miami Nation of Indiana Complex.

April 25, 2015 - Chief Brian Buchanan will be attending a brunch fundraiser for the tribe at the St. Andrews Church, Circles of Life Ministries, Tapalot Fellowship

May 2,3, 2015 - Longhouse Ceremony to be held at Sundown Saturday Evening at the 7 Pillars. See calendar for location.

May 6, 2015 - Chief Brian Buchanan will be having a discussion with a visiting group with the young Methodist Leaders sponsored by my good friend Fred Shaw.


February 21, 2012 - Council Meeting has been cancelled due to weather condition. Many come from far away places and the safety of all is most important! Stay safe and God Bless!

February 19, 2015 - I would like to express my deepest appreciation the the Boy Scouts of America for their cordial hospitality last Saturday for the Lincoln Pilgrimage Day celebration. We truly enjoyed ourselves and we hope that we can continue to support you in your future endeavors. I would like to Thank all of the Miami that came out that day to support the tribe in this teaching opportunity. A special Thanks to the Marks Family Drum and Dancers. You made the day complete and successful! As all of you know that blustery day full of snow squalls and zero visibility made it very difficult to travel and I appreciate your devotion. Thank You Again!

I encourage all to visit the partners portion of this website as we have added Our Friends and Brothers and Sisters , "The Thunder With The Hands", and the Boy Scouts of America.

As a reminder, the next Native American Indian Affairs Commission Meeting will be next Wednesday at 1pm hosted by our partners, The Eiteljorg Museum! Click here for the event calendar. Please feel free to come to support Erin Oliver in her new role as Commissioner Representative for the Indiana Miami.

February 9, 2015 -  I encourage all to visit the latest news events as we will be at the Allen County Library this coming Saturday for the 2015 Lincoln Pilgrimage sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America.

We have added to our Partners and City Proclamation page, the Best Museum in the Midwest, and we Miami's say the Best in the Country > The Eiteljorg Museum!

February 3, 2015 - I would like to congratulate our own Scott Shoemaker on his recent appointment to the Eiteljorg Museum as Curator of Native American Art, History and Culture. The Eiteljorg Museum, located in Indianapolis, is the Benchmark for Excellence. The Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana have been honored to become partners with the Eiteljorg in the ongoing exhibit, Mihtohseenionki (The People's Place). Join me in celebrating in Scott's recent success! Please take the time  to read the press release below:

Scott Shoemaker Eiteljorg Appointment

January 18th, 2015 - I would like to acknowledge Diane Evans, Judith Smith, and Dan Zipp  for their recent contributions to the tribe. Thank You very much! I would like to Thank Rex Engle for his persistence to recommend contributions through Micropulse for the Miami Nation Cause. Thank You Rex!

I would like to extend our appreciation to Rainsong Ministries for the honor to have a song called the "Song of the Bluebird" dedicated to the Miami Nation of INDIANA. Thank You Terry and Darlene Wildman! It is a beautiful Song and we are honored!

As a result from yesterdays council meeting, the tribe would like to put together another coloring book to have available for this years June Pow Wow. We would like to have the submissions completed and sent to Secretary Sarah Siders, P.O. Box 41, 80 West 6th Street, Peru Indiana 46970. There is no age limit but are encouraging the kids to participate. The sketches should be done as to accommodate the theme for "animals". It should be somewhat easy to color. We would like your name, age, and clan written on the back of the artwork. We will make a decision at the 2015 General Meeting in April whether or not to act on this idea. It all depends on participation. This should be a fun project and we hope many contribute.

Vice Chief John Dunnagan and Secretary Sarah Siders will be giving a talk at the Wabash County Museum for the Historical Society on February 10, at 6:30pm. Sarah Will be talking about family history and John will talking about Tribal History.

The Longhouse for February 7, 8 is cancelled due to weather. Many people have been fighting colds and I feel that compromising our members health, it is best to Cancel this Longhouse to keep everyone safe and healthy.

January 14, 2015 - I hope everyone has been keeping warm these past couple of weeks.  I would like to Thank a few generous folks for your donations. I have not obtained permission to list their names and if you would like for me to do so, just send me an email through the website under the contact tab. Some folks would like to remain anonymous which I completely respect so to protect those people, I will only list your name if you specifically request to do so.

As we approach a new year, January's Council Meeting should be very informative. We have projects that will be launched and I should have some information to report as we gain a better understanding concerning the time-frames.

I'm sure many will get tired of me asking, but I will continue to encourage tribal members to help spread the word of our new website and the DONATION capability that can be utilized. It is very difficult to maintain the Tribal Center without our Members help. If anyone has contacts of individuals that are willing to help out maintaining our culture or just helping in the every day operations please relay this information to them. If it is impossible to use a credit card or check card, monetary donations can be received through our Tribal Office located on the CONTACT TAB. A small bit of information to make everyone aware of is, if each member donated $1.00, the tribe would receive over $6,000, because our tribal membership is well over that number. That should be something every Member should think about. I want to express to all Tribal Members that we get many calls from Members wanting to know what the tribe can do for them, but VERY RARELY do we get calls offering help to the tribe. I understand that nowadays, it is very difficult to donate, due to the many obstacles that face every Member. We arent talking about donating to Organizations that no one ever knows where their dollar goes. We are talking about helping to Maintain and Grow our OWN Culture and Existence. Any Council Member can tell you specifically what it takes to keep our heritage alive. I pray that our Members dont forget where they came from.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to our Partners in Indianapolis, Circles of Life Ministries, St. Andrew United Methodist Church for the food donation to our food bank this past week. These folks have made many , many donations to our people and the citizens of Miami and surrounding Counties and I am forever grateful!

God Bless...

December 31, 2014 -

* The Miami Nation of Indiana would like to wish "EVERYONE" a safe and wonderful New Year!

* I will be attending the St. Andrews United Methodist Church service on January 4, 2014 to show our support for their many donations to the tribe. Service starts at 9:30am and all are welcome.

December 30, 2014 -

* I wanted to express my thanks to many for spreading the word of this new site. We must continue to do so and gain a high level of website traffic. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to convey them to me. You may do so in the email listed in this site or if its a personal message, I can be reached through my own Facebook account. The tribe is asking for donations and can be obtained through the TAKE ACTION button in the corner of your browser.

* I am pleased to announce that the Godfroy Cemetery now has a new fence encompassing the Burial grounds. The fence looks quite noble and Im sure our ancestors would feel proud of the accomplishment.

* I would like to extend many thanks to Joey Kubesch for a generous donation to the tribe.

December 28, 2014 -

* The Tribal Council is asking for you to close out the year by making a donation to the tribe. You may be specific and mention which area that you would like for your donation to be applied. I ask you to please enter your name so we may have a record of those people whom have made contributions. Since the tribe is non for profit, your donation can be used for tax deductions for 2014.

* There will be regular postings on Facebook to spread the word for donations.

* A message from our Commission Representative Erin Oliver:

I am pleased to report that the Executive Director for the Indiana Native American / Indian Affairs Commission (INAIAC) position has been posted on the State Personnel Department’s (SPD) website – http://www.in.gov/spd/careers/. If you follow this link, you will then click on “Search for Jobs”. The job was posted on December 15, 2014 and the Job ID is: 593820.

Individuals interested in applying for the job can apply either through the SPD website or they can send their resume or cover letter directly to the Deputy Director for External Affairs for consideration by Wednesday, December 31, 2014 if they prefer:

Brad Meadows
Deputy Director – External Affairs
Indiana Civil Rights Commission
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N103
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

A review of all resumes and applications will take place the first week of January.